Spanish Golden Visa. All you need to know

Thinking of exploring new places to live or do business? Keep in mind that Spain is the third most popular place in the world to move to. Its excellent geographical location, mild climate and high quality of life make it one of the most popular destinations among Latin american investors.

In this article, you will learn about the advantages of residing in Spain and everything that the Golden Visa Spain can offer you.

Some information about Spain
Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula and borders France and Portugal. It has strong international trade relations and a stable economy, making it one of the best countries in which to start a new life or start business relationships. In fact, the number of foreign businessmen who have decided to change their location has increased considerably in recent years. golden visa spain

In addition, Spain is the second country with the highest life expectancy and has an extraordinary gastronomy thanks to the fresh and particular ingredients of the Spanish land.

In its territory, you can find everything from paradisiacal beaches where you can enjoy 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, to cosmopolitan cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, two potential business enclaves.

On the other hand, the Spanish educational system is also one of the great attractions of the country. Many investors decide to move to Spain with the aim of providing great academic and job opportunities for their children or family members.

In short, this country is one of the most welcoming in Europe and as a member of the European Union it offers foreign investors several facilities and rights.

All about Golden Visa
The Golden Visa, also known as Visa Dorada, is an investment program in which you, as aLatin American investor, can obtain residence in this European country in exchange for a monetary investment.

This is one of the residence and citizenship solutions that Orience offers to foreign investors. In addition, it is the fastest way to acquire residence in the European Union. With the Golden Visa Spain you can obtain the nationality of a country in which you are not a citizen and even live and work in a country other than your country of origin.

Did you know that you can get Spanish nationality after two years?
The Golden Visa Spain is a perfect option for Mexican investors, since only after 2 years of actually residing in the country, you will be able to obtain Spanish nationality. This also occurs with Filipino, Peruvian or Equatorial Guinean investors. In this way, you will be able to obtain a second nationality in a very short period of time.

Other benefits of the Golden Visa Spain
golden visa spain
In addition to Spanish nationality, there are many other benefits that the Golden Visa Spain can bring you.

Here we mention some of them:

Possibility of living and working throughout the Spanish territory
Free movement within the Schengen area. You can travel without the need for a visa
The permission is for both you and your family. This means that the Golden Visa Spain allows you to share the experience with your spouse or partner, children under 18 years of age and financially dependents.

In addition, there is no minimum stay to benefit from the advantages of the Golden Visa Spain, so you can continue living in Mexico, if you wish.

Another benefit is the country’s good quality of life. Both its relaxed and healthy lifestyle as well as its security make it a really attractive country for Mexican investors.

The cost of living in Spain is not very high. You will be able to enjoy the best goods and services at very affordable prices.
Finally, it is important to mention that it is an easy and fast process. In 60 days you will have your residence permit.
All these advantages make the Golden Visa Spain a perfect idea for Mexican investors who want to explore the European country.

How can you get the Golden Visa Spain?
The Golden Visa Spain investment program has different ways to access it. So you can choose the one that best suits you and your needs as a Mexican investor.

These are the different investment options:

Real estate investment for at least €500,000
Investment in Spanish shares or businesses worth at least €1,000,000
Investment in government bonds of at least €2,000,000
Bank deposit or investment fund of €1,000,000 in a Spanish financial institution
It is important to mention that the process to obtain the Golden Visa Spain is a path that, if done correctly and with the advice and experience of a specialized company, is easy and fast.

golden visa spain

From Orience we recommend that, to take the first step, you contact our team of experts, who will recommend the best investment plan. Subsequently, the delivery will proceed.



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