The Spanish government doubts whether to toughen the golden visas for real estate purchases

In a recent article published on May 8th by “El Pais” newspaper, it was revealed that the government is considering implementing stricter regulations for the “golden visa” program, specifically targeting real estate purchases. The proposed changes aim to enhance the integrity and transparency of the program while ensuring that it remains a beneficial tool for attracting foreign investment. Let’s delve into the key details outlined in the article.

The Spanish government has set its sights on amending the rules surrounding the “golden visa” program, which grants residency to non-EU nationals who invest a certain amount in the country. Primarily, the focus will be on tightening regulations related to real estate purchases. This decision comes amid concerns that the program has been exploited for money laundering and tax evasion purposes.

According to the article, the government intends to introduce various measures to address these issues. Firstly, it plans to increase the minimum investment threshold for real estate purchases, currently set at €500,000. This adjustment aims to ensure that only substantial investments are eligible for the “golden visa,” preventing the acquisition of lower-value properties solely for the purpose of gaining residency rights.

Additionally, the proposed changes will strengthen the due diligence process applied to applicants. Stricter scrutiny will be conducted to ascertain the legitimacy of the funds used for investment, with a particular focus on preventing illicit activities and ensuring compliance with tax obligations. By enhancing the vetting procedures, the government aims to safeguard the program’s integrity and reputation.

Furthermore, the article mentions the possibility of imposing additional reporting requirements for beneficiaries of the “golden visa” program. This would involve providing information on the origin of the invested funds, the duration of the investment, and the intended use of the property acquired. By increasing transparency, the government aims to address concerns related to money laundering and tax evasion.


The Spanish government is planning to introduce reforms to the “golden visa” program, targeting real estate purchases, as outlined in the article published by “El Pais” on May 8th. The proposed changes aim to bolster the integrity of the program by raising the investment threshold, strengthening due diligence processes, and implementing additional reporting requirements. These measures seek to prevent misuse of the program and ensure that it continues to attract foreign investment while upholding transparency and compliance with financial regulations.

It is worth noting that the proposed changes to the “golden visa” program have created a sense of urgency among potential investors. Many individuals see the current period as the opportune moment to invest in real estate to secure the golden visa, considering the uncertainty surrounding the implementation of these new measures. As a result, there has been increased interest in the Spanish property market, with investors eager to take advantage of the existing regulations before any potential changes come into effect. This heightened demand has created a favorable environment for those seeking to obtain residency through property investment, adding an element of time sensitivity to the decision-making process.

Source: El Pais


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